Zeglagorth, exiled necromancer, councillor of Jondor Edit

Exiled due to his meddling in the dark arts, Zeglagorth, once a councillor of Jondor, now lives his life in the abandoned tomb of Durin the Deathless.  On his way to the tomb, he found the ancient sword of Gorthaur, which he now uses to channel his magic. Practising on Dwarven skeletons, he one day hopes to resurrect Durin. After years of practise, he tried. But as he prepared his ritual, a horn sounded through the great hallways. No other sounds than his own have been heard in the tomb, up until now. As he listened to the horn, he recognized it as the infamous goblin horn. Due to his now refined skills, he was able to get up an army of Dwarves and order them to bar the gate. The goblins attacked the gate with all their might, but never fully got through. When a dwarf got crushed, a new one took its place. But after a few weeks of defending, the goblins came through and swarmed the halls. The dwarves were no match for such a force, and Zeglagorth was soon forced to retreat back to the tomb. He barricaded himself inside and focused all his power on ressurecting Durin. However, his try was futile, all his power was drained and the barricade was about to break. He stood at the back of the tomb, ready the slay as many goblins as he could. The barricade broke, the goblins rushed in, but never reached Zeglagorth. For when they came near the tomb itself, a blast of light crushed and vaporized any that came near. Durin was alive. The mighty dwarf rushed out, slaughteringevery goblin he saw. None survived, and Durin went back to Zeglagorth. To him he said: "You awoke me from my slumber, son of Numenor, in a time of dire need. I did, however, not  return through your ritual, for I was sent here to send you a message. The father of stone, Aulë, told about a threat in the east. More have noticed and are gathering in Rivendell. You too must travel there. Good luck, son of Numenor, and may the earth be with you!" He then walked back into his tomb to continue his eternal slumber. Not sure about what happened, Zeglagorth decided to do what was asked. With nothing but his sword and his journal, he began his journey to Rivendell.