Zarceleg, Dunedain Chieftain Edit

The ranger Zarceleg took up his residence at the weathertop hill with a handful of other rangers, of whom he is the chieftain. Besides being very experienced with a bow, Zarceleg also knew a lot about plants and herbs, and thus spends a lot of his time researching them. The rangers patrolled around the hill, always on the lookout for danger. During one of their patrols, they found a cave which has never been discovered before. Zarceleg, who was at the camp at that time, got called to lead an expedition into the cave. The cave itself was very dark and seemed to lead far underground. Armed with swords and torches, they descended into the dark. For a while, there wasn't anything interesting to be found, until they reached an area of the cave where the light of their torches got reflected. The reason for that were all the gems that were scattered around in the walls and on the ceiling. They continued without gathering any gems, as they would come back here on their way out. At what seemed to be the end of the cave, the rangers heard flowing water. They followed the sound and found a large underground lake, of which the water glowed a bright light. Beside the water, there was a variety of unknown plants. Zarceleg went to take samples and told the rangers to continue exploring. When they found no continuation of the cave, they came back to find Zarceleg laying on the ground, with a poisoned wound. He got taken back to the camp, where they would try to heal him with their herbs. However, none worked. When they found no other way to help him, they decided to bring him to the Elves in Rivendell. Zarceleg was taken by one of the rangers on a horse, and rode to Rivendell.