Samwise, Thain of the Shire Edit

On an evening like any other, the hobbits were feasting and partying in the inn. Happy and merry as ever, their songs could be heard throughout the entire town. It went on for hours, but eventually the night began and all went home. Sam, the Thain of the Shire, too went back to his home, at the border of the Shire. At home, he went to bed for some well-earned rest. However, in the middle of the night, he got awakened by a sound somewhere in his house. He picked up his club and moved out to investigate. In the middle of his house, he found a hobbit. Sam grabbed him by his arm and ordered him to tell why he was in his home. He, however, quickly let go of his arm when he smelled smoke and fire from outside. The hobbit of whom the identity was still unknown, whispered: "Maciadoc Brandywine sends his regards.", before running outside, back into the night. Sam soon understood what was going on, grabbed his most valuable belongings and rushed outside. The night sky was lit up like the day, as his once so peaceful house burned to the ground. With no time to be sad, he went to the mayor's home to tell him what happened. A little grumpy, due to it being very late, the mayor listened to his story, for which his face turned grim. Taking Sam inside and leading him to the living room, the mayor said: "This is very ill news. Not only have you lost your home, Maciadoc took revenge. I thought we got rid of him when you banished him, but it seems we didn't. Something must be done against him, but we just simply don't have the force. However, the elves do, and they promised help is whenever they can. As you are our Thain, I give you the task to travel to Rivendell and ask for aid. I'll make sure you'll have all the supplies you need. Good luck Sam, may you arrive safely." The mayor ordered some hobbits to prepare the supplies, and went back to sleep. With a short sword and his trusty wooden club, Sam the left the shire, accompanied by two other hobbits and two packmules, carrying the supplies for the journey ahead.