Captain Ross, Lord of Rossgiliath Edit

Long after the War of the Ring, when peace had long returned, King Jon sent word to the stonemasons of Jondor. They were told: 'By order of King Jon of Jondor, are you to rebuild the city of Osgiliath. Those who finsh this task shall earn a hefty reward.'. All those who heard, went onwards with carts filled with the purest of stone. for weeks they have been building, under the watchful eye of Captain Ross of Arthedain. Due to a giant storm, the rebuilding was delayed. For 3 whole weeks it rained, much to Captain Ross' annoyance. He promised King Jon that Osgiliath would be finished on the third dawn. Knowing it would never be finished at this rate, he ordered the masons to go back to Osgiliath and continue rebuilding. As an act of determination, he grabbed a mason's hammer and began constructing buildings by himself. Inspired by his act, the masons helped with all their strength. And finally, on the day of the third dawn, it was finished. With pride in his eyes, holding his mason's hammer, he opened the door to the throne room. His hammer fell to the ground, when he saw something lurking behind the throne. He ran towards it, his sword at the ready. Upon arrival, he discovered a beornling boy. Behind him stood the king, watching everything without saying a word. After a long silence, King Jon said: 'I heard Osgiliath is finished, thanks to you.'. Then, considering his words, he said: 'I saw the look on your face when you saw this boy. I've found him when he was little, abandoned. I've taken care of him ever since. But I must find someone else to care for him. Are you, willing to take him under your care?'. Ross, without thinking about the offer, accepted. 'Now, to thank you for your help, I grant you Osgiliath.' King Jon said, 'You have my gratitude.'. With the boy by his side, Ross left to claim Osgiliath for himself. He was greeted by townfolk who came back to the city. As his first act as lord, he renamed the city to, Rossgiliath.