Maxodred, Rider of the Pinkhirrim Edit

Eomer, lord of the Riddermark, got word of an attack on a village at the border of Rohan. He though of it with minor importance, but decided to send someone there anyway. As it was a task that had to be done quick, he sent his elite rider, Maxodred. Unlike any of the other riders, Maxodred didn't heed a horse. He was a descendant of the mighty skinchangers, and could take on the form of a horse. Once he got told what to do, he went out and arrived at the village not long after. However, upon his arrival he saw something unexpected. The village was completely burnt down, and there were no signs of survivors. While searching for clues about what happened, he stumbled upon a trail of scorched earth. As he followed the trail, the ground around him grew darker the further he went. Once he reached the end of trail, a group of orcs ambushed him. He could just about escape, for they were very organized, which hasn't been seen for a long time. He rushed back to his lord to tell him what he saw. When he arrived and told Eomer what happened, Eomer said: "This cannot be! If it is indeed true what you said, the others must be warned. I need you to ride to Rivendell and gather the council. I'll send word to the other kingdoms, await their champions' arrival." It was a task of great importance, and Maxodred glady accepted it. He gathered some supplies, and began his journey to Rivendell.