Gorma, Goblin scout + Yagdril, Black warg Edit

Covered by the darkness of the night, Gorma moved through the forest. His warg, Yagdril, tracked down a lone human, on his own in a dwarven tomb. Finding it as a perfect location for the goblins, Gorma made his way back to his leader. However, on his way there, he came across a campsite. As he did not want them to notice anything and warn the filthy human, he snuck into their tents and slayed them all. He continued his travel and arrived at his home. He went straight to his leader to tell him what he found out. "M'lord, I've found something that might prove useful.", he said, "One of those hairy mines, populated by a lone human filth.". "And what would you want me to do with this information, Gorma?", his leader replied. "Well, my benevolence, an attack there would suffice. If we take it, we can expand your domain!", Gorma said with a devilish grin. "Very well then, I shall do as you request. Since that human scum will be no match for our might, I'll lead the assault myself!", he said and then yelled: "Listen up, you mudrats! Arm yourselves, we're going to war!". As the goblins swarmed outside, Gorma led them to the tomb. However, taking over the dwarven halls proved more difficult than thought. The goblin-leader was enraged by Gorma's misguidance, and charged at him out of anger. But he was quickly stopped, as yagdril pushed him away to protect his master. Even more angrier than before, the goblin struck out to the warg, hurting it as a result. Gorma sank to the ground, as he felt yagdril's pain as his own. As the goblin-leader moved out to hurt Gorma even more, he was halted by a globlin who told him the gate was breached. "I'll deal with you and your beast later, you scum!", he said to Gorma, "Now if you don't mind, I have a meatbag to kill.". He charged inside in the front lines. Horns were sounding, and every goblin was inside. Suddenly, it went quiet, too quiet. The goblins were dead. To protect his own life, Gorma mounted yagdril and fled. As the old camp was now empty and abandoned, he had no reason to go back there. So he wandered the mountains and became stronger, killing all travelers that he came across. Due to all this, he became even more dark and twisted than he already was. If only they knew, that he roamed the mountains.