Ellethin, Seer and Writer of History Edit

Deep in the real of Tom Bombadil, there lived a seer. Just like Tom bombadil, little was known about this seer. Few even know of his existence, learning about him as only a legend, a myth. He was called by many names, yet the most commom of them all, was Ellethin. When he was little, he was left alone and wandered through Eriador aimlessly. When, one night, the stars glew as bright as the sun and the moon was as round as Arda itself, Ellethin entered Bombadil's realm. There, he was greeted by Goldberry, who took him to Tom Bombadil's home. Since then, he never left and has stayed there the rest of his life. Since Ellethin was there for so long, Tom began to love him as a son. Due to that love, Ellethin gained immortality while he was in the boundries of Tom's realm. Ellethin studied many books and held an incredible amount of knowledge about Arda's history. Because of this, he understood the world and was able to enhance his magic. Tom shared many things with him, even control over parts of his realm. Ellethin used this to make a sanctuary between the trees, where it was always lush and green. From in there, he channelled his power and could see throughout all of Middle-Earth. Whenever he did this, a beam of light arose into the sky. This could be seen from afar, and soon people came to invesitgate it. When the first people came, Ellethin was afraid and chased them away. But more came, and he lost his fear and allowed people to enter his sanctuary. He would tell them of their future and made them feal healthy when ill. But to keep Tom and himself a secret, he made it so that the people forgot about this place once they left. Many years passed, and everyone forgot about Ellethin. There were still rumours about a powerful being in the Old Forest, but no one dared to enter. Ellethin now uses his power to observe everything that happens. All that he sees, he writes down and so took on him the task of writing down the history of Middle-Earth. Some say that when the stars align, just like the night Ellethin entered Tom's realm, your illnesses would be removed. However, this only happens once every few years. Ellethin has isolated himself from the rest of Middle-Earth and hasn't met anyone for years. That is, until the hobbit Sam, and his allies, came into the forest.