Ciphereth, Noldor Healer Edit

It was a peaceful day in Rivendell, the stronghold that was once ruled by Elrond Halfelven. Now it is ruled by representatives of each elven kind. Ciphereth, a great Noldor healer, was one of those representatives. While having the ability to heal, she also has the power of foresight. One day, the ranger Zarceleg arrived at Rivendell, brought by another ranger. His face was very pale and it didn't seem like he was doing very well. He was taken to Ciphereth, due to her role as healer. She quickly found out he had a poisoned wound. She grabbed her tome, placed her hand on the wound and read a spell from the tome. The wound started to glow and closed, while his face regained it's colour. He was then brought to a room to rest, since he still didn't have all his strength. Ciphereth then wandered through the gardens of Rivendell, where she suddenly got a vision. She saw people, each in a different location, moving to Rivendell. But then, she saw an army of wights, outside of the Barrow-Downs. They too moved to Rivendell, but with a much darker purpose. She called the other leaders together and told them: "Something strange is happening, vassals from the other kingdoms are moving to Rivendell. The reason for this, I do not know. However, there's something else moving here, something much darker. An army of wights has arisen, and is coming closer. We must make preparations against them.". This news came unexpected, as the elves listened and were very confused. But they did what was asked and told the soldiers to guard the border and the entrances. Ciphereth gathered her mages, and cast an enchantment over the hold to keep them out. Days went by without anything happening and Ciphereth's visions were being doubted. However, guards stopped reporting back, and in the middle of the night, the wights arrived. The enchantment couldn't hold, the wights nearly broke through the gate, but were hold back by a wight, much stronger than the others. He invaded Ciphereth's mind and said: "Don't fight that which you do not know.". Then, suddenly, the wights dissapeared and all was safe again. Not long after that, within the next few days, the other travellers arrived and called for a council. Soon, peace would no longer be a thing.