Ellethin's Gifts Edit

After Sam finally finished eating everything he could get his hands on, the companions gathered around Ellethin. As he started speaking, a bright map formed in front of him. "I suggest you move through Forodwaith, there are Dwarven encampments there. They can help you on your journey.", he said, "I suspect there are little to no threats there, yet you may never know.". He turns around and walks to a tree, from which various items were hanging from ropes. "For each of you I have a gift. To Ross I give this elven hammer, forged in Eregion." He handed him a silver hammer, with elven runes on the sides and a sharpened head. "To Samwise I give this enchanted pipe. The smoke from this pipe shall seek your enemies and harm them. For Ciphereth I have this flask, filled with the tears of the Valar. It shall restore life to anything it touches. To Zarceleg I give this bow, crafted in Lothlorien.". The bow was covered in golden plates and was covered in the same evlen runes as Ross' hammer. "Maxodred, dear friend. For you I have something special.". He hands him mithril mail, which glowed slightly. "This mithril mail has been enchanted to change shape with you, so you can always wear it.". He then turned to Zeglagorth. "Sadly, I have nothing for you. But it seems you already have some artifacts of your own.". Zeglaforth, angry as always, was mad that he gained nothing. He put his hand on his blade and stared at Ellethin furiously. All ellethin did was smile at Zeglagorth and then turned back to the rest. "Now, my friends, I'm sad to say I cannot accompany you on your journey.", he said, "But if you ever need me, I'll know where to find you." "Thank you, Ellethin.", Ciphereth said, "We shall leave now then.". "Farewell, and may we meet again.", Ellethin said as he waved them goodbye. And so our dear friend departed from the Old Forest and went on their way to Forodwaith.