The Dwarven Encampment Edit

"We should be there any moment now.", Adanor said, "The encampment is nearby.". The heroes left Carn Dum behind them and were moving across the mountains and hills. "Ah, yes.", Adanor said with a sigh of relief, "The camp is behind that hill.". But when they arrived there, fear filled their minds. The camp indeed stood before them, but scorched and destroyed. "By Elbereth, what has happened here?", Ciphereth said. While walking around, they saw corpses of dead dwarves scattered around. In front of the main tent, there was a dwarf that was still alive. However, his stomach was pierced by a large spear. "Over here!", Ross shouted, "There's a survivor!". He and the others ran to the dwarf. "Master dwarf,", Zarceleg said, "What has happened here?". "Orcs... came...", he stuttered, "Came from... Mount Gram... Burned everything...". "Where's the commander?", Adanor said, "Has he survived?". "The commander... He's alive...", the dwarf continued to stutter, "They have... taken him... They have taken... Dwaltharn...". "Orcs? I thought all evil was removed from this region.", Ross said, "What do we do now?". The dwarf grabbed Adanor's arm, pulled him close to him and said: "Go... to Mount Gram... Save... Dwaltharn... He'll know... what to do...". He released his arm and passed away. "Mount Gram is not far from here.", Maxodred said, "If we sneak in, we have a chance of rescuing the dwarf.". Sam scoffed and said: "Why would we risk our lives for a dwarf? We should continue on our journey.". "But where would we go then?", Ross said, "I don't see you coming up with a better idea.". "Let's have a vote. Anyone for saving the dwarf, say 'Aye!'.", Ciphereth said. "Aye!", the entire company said. "Fine.", Sam said, "But I'm having my before-dinner meal first!". And once Sam ate his sixth meal of that day, they made for Mount Gram.